“HEART” is a celebration of 40 years of skate shops’ history. A 450 page hard cover book spreading the story of skate shops around the globe by Lucas Beaufort.

FEATURING:Ed Templeton, Josh Kalis, Don Brown, Austyn Gillette, Rodney Mullen, Michael Burnett, Trent Evans, Josh Stewart, Alex Corporan, Geoff Rowley, Brian Delatorre, Jeremie Daclin, Louis Barletta, Tommy Guerrero, Paul Rodriguez, Ian Michna, Remy Stratton, Chad Muska, Blair Alley, Grant Yansura, Paul Schmitt, Russ Pope, Eric Swisher, Torey Pudwill, Antisocial, Nine Times, Blue Tile Lounge, Working Class, Bored of South Sea, Black Sheep, Slam City, Fifty Fifty, Lost Art, Welcome, KCDC, 303, Skatepark of Tampa, Familia, FTC, Cardinal, Atlas, Humidity, Pawn Shop, VU, Seasons, Kingswell, 510, Cowtown, Home, Uprise, Pharmacy, Solstice, Escapist, No Comply, NJ, Slappy’s garage, Social Skateshop, Still Laden, Freedom, U.P.S, Precinct, Nine One One, Lockwood, Ratus, Matriz, 8five2shop, Alis, Street Machine, Ponkes, My Favorite Things, Nozbone, Wallstreet, ABS, OKLA, Zeropolis, Riot, Civilist, SHRN, Lobby, Arrow & Beast, Titus, Bonkers, Color, Dear George, Heshdawgz, Horribles Project, Chocolate Jesus, Lacquer, Shelter, Prov, Savour, Timber, Ben G, Boardertown, Kate, Oktyabr, Amigo, Baseline, 242, Doodah, Preduce and many more…

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