The Creager In Grey

Limited re-release of his eS 
Ronnie Creager Pro Model. This is one of the most requested re-release shoes we field from global retailers, and it's coming back in 2023 for shoe collectors, eS fans, and that youngster that never go to skate it.

eS Footwear produces iconic skateboard shoes from their rich history within skateboarding. Established in 1995 from the Sole Tech camp of brands, which also included Etnies, Emerica, Thirty-Two Snowboard boots and Altamont apparel, it remains skateboarder owned and operated by Pierre André Senizergues.

Having built one of the best teams ever in skateboarding (PJ Ladd, Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Justin Eldridge, Rodrigo TX, Bob Burnquist, Arto Saari, Nyjah Huston, Tom Penny, and Rick McCrank) they have a celebrated history and remain important in the growth of skateboard footwear. Some of the most legendary skateboard footwear was created by eS. The Koston 1,2 and 3 alongside the Accel and the infamous SLB all belong in a skate shoe hall of fame.

eS took a break and put the brand on hiatus in 2012 as the skateboard footwear market was evolving fast. They returned in 2014 but with a selected and focused run of product celebrating many of their iconic shoes. eS continues to tread their own path within the footwear industry and are represented by Wade Desarmo, Kelly Hart and Tom Asta.


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