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THEORIES DECK - SPHINX (8"/8.25") - The Drive Skateshop


In the early 20th century, psychic phenom Edgar Cayce had a vision of an "Atlantean Hall of Records" that would be discovered beneath the paws of the Great Sphinx between the years of 1997-98. This prediction seemed ludicrous until 1991 when Egyptologist John Anthony West and his team discovered a large hidden chamber located 25 feet beneath the paws of the Sphinx, using seismic scanning technology. Immediately, the Director of Egyptian antiquities, Zahi Hawass, shut down the operation, forbidding any excavations or further studies. But, in 1998 it was revealed that Mr. Hawass performed his own secret expedition into the tunnels and hidden chamber. Not only proving Cayce's prediction true, but also possibly making a great discovery that is still yet to be shared with the world. What did he find?!

The Sphinx deck from Theories Brand is a new interpretation of our never ending love for anything Egyptology and our interest in the architectural feat that is the Great Sphinx. Guess there weren't a whole lot of dog people in Ancient Egypt, literally.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 7 ply deck made of Canadian maple
  • Made in Mexico